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Diploma in Assistant Nursing Midwifery

Auxiliary Nursing and midwifery (ANM) is a two years diploma programme in nursing. ANM plays a vital role in the rural health care delivery system. They provide holistic care and are sensitive and accountable to meet the health needs of the community. She should be able to provide accessible, equitable, affordable and quality health care. ANM predominantly involved in maternity care and assist women during pregnancy, child birth and provide essential care to the mother and its new-born.
They provide continue care to the mother and baby, also provide vaccination.
ANM helps to identify health problem/ needs and resources in the community and also help in mobilize social support for active participation in the community.


ANM curriculum intends to prepare skilled and effective female health workers to achieve the goals of National Health Mission which aims at bringing about dramatic improvement in the health system and health status of the country. In Era University, we provide training for ANM as community health skilled personnel and who will practice basic health care at the defined level of proficiency in accordance with local conditions and to meet local needs. They act as an active link between the community and the health care system.