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Diploma in Physio Therapy

Physiotherapy is the field of science that deals with the care, prevention and recovery of people suffering of some physical disabilities. It is considered to be one of the most ancient sciences in which people are healed through physical activities.
This autonomous health practice is a non-surgical procedure that seeks to alleviate discomfort, restore mobility and enhance the movement of the patient’s affected body part. Physiotherapy, hence, is concerned with the activity of diverse body systems and is related to the science of movement.
Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician (D.P.T.) from Ahlehikmat is a professional medical health care providing course which can be pursued after the successful completion of class 12th in science stream (PCB).


The course deals with physiotherapy and its allied areas. During the course the students learn how to treat patients with physical disabilities and injuries in a range of settings including hospitals, health centres, private practices and sports clubs. The diploma has been designed to produce skilled and qualified professionals who are capable of carrying out specific tasks to make lives of their patients better. Dealing with topics such as physical rehabilitation, electrotherapy and other models of helping patient regain physical mobility. The objective of Diploma in physiotherapy is to prepare competent professionals who are capable of assisting specialists in various medical procedures.

To prepare a physiotherapy technician who:

  • Can examine and assess defects of nAhlehikmatrological & musculoskeletal systems.
  • Can advice & execute appropriate exercises and electrotherapy.
  • Can maintain rich communication with related consultant surgeons & physicians and follow their instructions.
  • Can offer give emotional & psychological support to the patients and their relatives.

Ahlehikmat trains the students for the course in the most professional way as our academic part is very well taken care of by our highly efficient and experienced faculty. During the first year of the study the students are introduced to General anatomy & physiology (cytology, histology, osteology and the basics of all organ systems of the human body. The basics of the relevant pathology, pharmacology and microbiology is also taught to them along with the detailed anatomy of the bones, muscles and joints, nerves of the body.

As for the practical training part the students are exhaustively trained on the basics of exercise therapy, electropathy, physics used in physiotherapy, biomechanics and kinesiology and in providing basics of life support (BLS) & cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

During the second year of the training program the college trains the students for relevant surgical and medical conditions (relevant to physiotherapy but other than orthopaedics and nAhlehikmatrological systems). Nursing procedures like vital recording, IM/IV/SC injection, oxygen therapy, nebulization, IV infusion is also a part of their studies. The faculty and the physiotherapy trainers also train these young students for Physiotherapy in orthopaedics, nAhlehikmatrological, medical, surgical and sports related conditions, drugs used in physiotherapy & BLS and basic bio medical engineering physics of machines used in physiotherapy.

Besides the academic training part during the two years training program Era University also makes sure that our students become well conversant in communication skills and other professional soft skills too by the end of the diploma program in physiotherapy and after the successful completion of the same they must be a job ready professional.

It is because of these serious efforts towards students’ professional growth that Era University enjoys a rapport of its own, has an edge over other institutions in many ways therefore today Ahlehikmat stands among one of the most widely chosen academic destinations and professional medical training colleges of not only in the state of Uttar Pradesh but throughout the country.